Rules of Responsible Gaming

Our official site has rules for responsible gaming that every player should follow. Today, gaming addiction is a serious problem in society and many people underestimate the damage it can cause. 1win encourages you to stick to the rules of responsible gaming and seek help if you are feeling the negative effects of online gambling.

1win India stands for responsible gaming

Signals of Gambling Addiction 

Since many players can’t tell for themselves if they have a gambling addiction problem, we’ve listed a list of signals that indicate this:

  • Your mood is directly affected by whether or not you played today;
  • You are no longer interested in your old hobbies and passions;
  • You lie to family and friends about your hobbies;
  • You are not interested in talking to people who don’t place bets;
  • You can’t stop gambling until you get your money back;
  • You often find yourself in a depressed mood;
  • You have debts and credits because of betting;
  • You steal to place bets;
  • You can play all day and not notice how the time has passed;
  • You get angry and argue if you are told about your addiction;
  • You may spend money set aside for other expenses;
  • You lose more than you earn;
  • You have ruined relationships in your family because of gambling;
  • You continually increase the amount of your bets.

If you have at least one of these points, you should seek help immediately from family or professionals.

How to Avoid Gambling Addiction?

Each new and regular player of our site or 1win application should control his cravings and understand that gambling for real money can lead to negative consequences. Remember that this is just a way to have fun, but not a method for permanent income.

To avoid gambling addiction, adhere to the following rules of responsible gambling:

  • Control the amount of money you spend on bets;
  • Set time limits for the day, week, and month for playing;
  • Play in demo mode if you just want to have fun;
  • Don’t use casino games or betting as a way of income;
  • Don’t take credit or debt to win back;
  • If you lose several times in a row, take a break;
  • Never believe in win-win strategies and tactics;
  • Do not play under the influence of friends or other people;
  • Always study the rules of the game before you start;
  • Never play for more than you can afford;
  • If you are not sure whether to play or not, it is better to give up the idea;
  • Never place bets under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or if you are depressed.

We never guarantee 100% success in sports betting or online casino games. Therefore you should evaluate our services and possible consequences soberly.

Help for Customers 

If you see signs of addiction, you can contact our round-the-clock support team via live chat or email. Our experts will provide all the assistance that you need. You can also request a temporary or complete account closure. If you ask for your profile to be permanently removed, you’ll never be able to restore it.